Hay dedusting Reinsdorff

Manual hay dedusting system

The perfect solution for individual feeding

Our manual hay deduster is the perfect solution for feeding individual horses. A portion of feed is ready in 3 minutes. As this system works with the same system as the fully automatic system, the refined hay has the same perfect quality.

The most important features

  • 100% dust-free

    The horse owner has the guarantee of offering his horse the best possible feed quality.

  • No loss of feed

    Everything valuable in the hay is preserved

  • Independence from silage and haylage

    Every horse can tolerate good quality hay

  • Function with payment terminal

    Operation of the system in a larger company

The idea behind it

Apart from the same inspiration to build a perfect hay dedusting system, there is also the requirement to offer a cheaper and smaller system.

This should also offer a perfect solution for horse owners with only a few horses in self-sufficiency.

This system can also be operated in businesses with a card payment system.

The construction

  • Electrical power

    3.0 kW

  • Feed throughput

    Approx. 5 kg in 3 minutes

  • Adjustable humidity increase

    Increase adjustable from 0% to 5%

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